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Importance of positive relationships

We endeavour to have positive relationships between our boxers and also between the boxers and the coaching and support volunteers in the club.

We all share common goals as both boxers and coaches and work together to achieve them and we want to ensure that everyone has positive interactions at the club.

Some of the key characteristics of positive relationships include:

Trust – we want all our boxers and coaches to be honest and open with each other. We want you all to be confident that we are all here to support each other.

Support – the support we can offer each other is both practical and emotional. We are all here to act together as one team.

Communication – we all need to ensure that we are sharing our thoughts, feelings and needs. This can help us all to develop resilience. Effective communication can also reduce the stigma that people can feel when discussing their own mental health. Communication is not only about talking, but also about listening well (actively) too. We want to make sure that we are picking up on nonverbal communication too such as body language or the tone of voice that we use when talking. There are many ways to do this including anonymously through the concerns box in reception.

Boundaries – it is important that we maintain boundaries in our relationships and be mindful of the safeguarding aspect of sports coaching too.

Empathy – we need to share our experiences and also see things from other people's perspective too.

Growth – we want everyone to have a growth mindset and encourage this across the team to develop both individually and as a club.

Our safeguarding lead is Lee Peruzzi

All of our coaches and support team have safeguarding training so please do speak to any of us.

There is a link at the top to Papyrus UK

and the posters in the gym and on this page signpost to different places for support

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